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Do aerial work platforms need to be certified to work during use?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-13
Everyone knows that our country will guarantee jobs in the future, and all types of work in the construction profession will be certified. So is the aerial work platform as a lifting equipment to be certified to work? This is also the work that many customers have doubts about. The following editor will explain to you how this work is. The scale and effect of the aerial work platform are very wide, and only a part of the equipment is used to work with the certificate, and some equipment is not needed! If you are using a construction aerial work platform, which kind of equipment requires a certificate to work, and it is mainly used in the construction profession, so you must have an operation certificate. The hydraulic aerial platform stacker operated by our company does not require a certificate to work, although it is also classified as a special occupation, but because the country has no clear rules in this regard, and no relevant certificates, it is possible to work without a certificate. However, as a high-altitude operation equipment, the health problems of the operators must be passed, or it will cause severe results. Through the above, refer to what kind of equipment you are operating, and then see whether you want to obtain a qualification certificate based on your own physical condition! Working at heights is classified as a dangerous occupation, it is important to pay attention to yourself!
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