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Don't do whatever you want when the electric stacker is driving

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-06
As environmental protection requirements become more and more stringent, the demand for various materials transfer in shopping malls is gradually increasing, and there will be more and more shopping malls for electric transfer vehicles, electric stackers, and electric forklifts. When using electric vehicle equipment, safety must always be the first priority. Industrial Equipment () Co., Ltd. reminds users of the precautions in the process of traveling: 1. When traveling at high speed, please do not brake or turn suddenly, and keep your mind sober. 2. Slow down on slopes, keep the goods at the lowest position, move straight, and stop turning around on slopes. 3. Slippage on the road surface should slow down to avoid idling and overturning of the electric stacker. 4. If the view is blocked. Be able to drive the goods behind you, ask others to guide you if necessary, to ensure safety 5. Please maintain a safe distance from the vehicles, people, and objects in front of you. 6. It is forbidden to transport people and overloading. 7. When driving at excessive speeds, you should honk your horn to suggest 8 、Before the electric stacker enters the elevator, the load of the elevator should be confirmed to be fully satisfied
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