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Factors influencing the service life of electric forklift batteries

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-22

The battery is the source of energy for electric forklifts, so the service life of the battery also directly affects the normal employment of electric forklifts. Therefore, in the normal shelter and nursed back to nursery, the nursed back to the battery is extremely important.

Elements of the service life of electric forklift batteries:

1. If an electric pallet truck battery is accidentally lost during filling, use a wooden stick to pick out impurities; Use metal to fish, because metal branches will come in under the corrosion of sulfuric acid, the battery becomes self-discharge, which affects the life of the battery.

2. If the battery of an electric forklift stops running for more than half a month, people should destroy the negative wire of the battery, so it might as well prevent the battery from being abnormal.

3. When adding electrolyte or water to the battery of an electric pallet truck, pay attention to it. The liquid level is 10 to 15 mm higher than the electrode plate. If the electrolyte is too full, it will flow out from the small holes nearby, so people are adding Pay attention to the appropriate amount of electrolyte when electrolyte.

The main factors that affect the life of the battery are the above three aspects. People should pay attention to the abnormalities in the above aspects when implementing the shelter and recuperation of the battery, so that the normal and stable employment of the electric forklift can be guaranteed.

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