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Fuel is a non-renewable resource, how to choose an electric forklift that does not burn fuel

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-06
As we all know, as a non-renewable resource, fuel pollution has always been a serious problem during the combustion process, and the only solution is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The products of fuel forklifts are precisely carbon dioxide, so choose sustainable renewable resources. Electricity instead of fossil fuels has become the most reasonable solution. Electric forklifts use electric motors, which are more efficient than traditional internal combustion engines. The electric energy conversion efficiency of electric forklifts can reach 90%, and the power effect of electric forklifts is faster. Compared with the internal combustion engine version, the electric pallet truck has basically the same driving and operation mode, which is suitable for a variety of operating environments. After the machinery and equipment are converted into kinetic energy, not only the fuel cost is greatly saved, but also electric The forklift can also be charged anytime and anywhere, which greatly reduces the cost of the machine. Electric forklifts have low noise. Electric forklifts are excellent in noise control. Electric forklifts are different from the huge noise of fuel forklifts, and there is almost no sound during operation. The maintenance of electric forklifts is more convenient. Because electric forklifts use electric motors, they can basically be repaired for life and do not need regular maintenance like fuel forklifts. In summary, I believe that in the near future, electric forklifts will become more and more popular and widely recognized by everyone.
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