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How did the electric reach truck get its name? What are its advantages?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-05
In terms of forklift types, it can be said that the forklift products produced by electric forklift manufacturers also include several types, such as electric forklifts, electric reach forklifts, and counterbalanced forklifts. Therefore, if you want to fully understand the forklift products, then, for each of them, can not be omitted, so the following will focus on the electric reach forklift, which will be developed and carried out, so that everyone has some gains and progress. 1. Is the electric reach forklift an industrial handling vehicle? And, what is its driving force? These two questions are professional questions, so below, the electric pallet truck manufacturers will give professional answers. Electric reach forklifts, in general, are one of storage forklifts, and also belong to industrial handling vehicles. Because it is mainly used for loading and unloading, stacking, and short-distance transportation operations. Moreover, it can also be used for the transportation of large items in storage. Therefore, for question one, the answer is yes. As for the drive of this kind of forklift, generally speaking, it is battery driven. 2. Where did the name electric reach truck come from? The electric reach forklift in the forklift is first of all an electric pallet truck. As for the origin of the reach forklift, electric pallet truck manufacturers believe that the main reason is: When the forklift works, its mast will drive The fork moves forward to pick up or put down the goods. When the vehicle is running, its fork will retract with the goods, so that the center of gravity of the goods is within its supporting surface. That's why it has this name. 3. What are the advantages of electric reach forklifts? The advantages of electric reach forklifts, in the view of electric forklift manufacturers, are mainly to integrate the advantages of counterbalanced forklifts and electric stackers to improve space utilization and workload. Moreover, its functions are diversified and the operation is very flexible. Therefore, it is suitable for indoor warehouse operations with narrow passages.
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