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How do fuel forklifts survive the winter, these are what you need to know

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-28
Autumn has passed and winter has come, and the winter has come again. The weather slowly turns cooler, gets colder, and even freezes on ice. Although the lithium pallet truck is a 'rough guyElectric forklift manufacturers believe that users who use forklifts to work in places with low temperatures should pay attention to changing the antifreeze for the engine. Steps: 1. Open the water tank cover (the water tank cover should not collide with the fan blades forward). 2. Turn on the water tank switch and the body water nozzle switch. 3. Pay attention to the machine. The manufacturer has a rubber hose on the faucet. It may be deformed or bent for some reasons. 4. If you are not sure whether the flow is over, remove the hose and use a wire to poke it in the water nozzle (to ensure that the water is really out, the purpose is to ensure that the engine does not freeze and crack in winter, or to dilute the antifreeze to reduce the concentration of the antifreeze to reduce the resistance. Freezing performance). 5. For some engine oil radiators, please have a water drain switch at the base of the oil filter. Please remember to turn it on and drain the water. 6. If there is a cab with warm air, please remember to turn on the water circulation switch of the heater to let the water of the heater discharge with the body. Some models also have the heater vent valve switch in the roof of the cab. After dripping). 7. Many cars now have oil-water separators. You must remember to drain the water in the oil-water separator for two or three days (or vehicles that have stopped working and are ready for the winter) to prevent the oil-water separator from freezing up in the morning. The road is not smooth, and the engine spontaneously stalls without warning). 8. After all the water is finished, turn the car for a few seconds (the purpose is to drain the water from the pump). 9. In winter, the battery must be maintained during the winter (guarantee to charge it once a month, it is best to remove the battery and put it in a hot place, please keep it away from children, and cut it carefully). 10. If the vehicle is parked for a long time, please add lubricating oil (grease) to all parts of the vehicle. 11. Please put the hydraulic lifting mechanism in the down position (to prevent the distributor from jamming the valve). 12. Try to ensure that all cylinders are in a contracted state to ensure that the cylinders do not rust or corrode and affect the next year's use (oil leakage). 13. Be sure to choose the type of antifreeze, as some fake or inferior antifreeze can easily cause high temperatures.
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