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How the electric stacker must roll over and collapse during operation

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-11-03
When the electric lithium pallet truck forks are lifted to a high height, if the electric pallet truck moves or turns with relatively large movements, it is easy to fall. Because the weight of the electric stacker itself is relatively light, for example, the body weight of the all-electric stacker is about 1000kg. If the load is 1000kg to 3.0 meters, and then suddenly moves or turns, the electric stacker can easily cause the center deviation. Move and cause the collapse of the stacker.   Semi-electric stackers or manual stackers are more likely to collapse.   Therefore, when the semi-electric stacker or manual stacker has a lifting height of more than 1.6 meters, the load should not exceed 1000kg.  Moreover, during the operation, the goods cannot be moved or turned at high altitude. When the electric pallet truck needs to be moved, the goods need to be lowered to 10-20cm from the ground before moving, which is safer!
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