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How to avoid the hidden dangers of high-altitude operation lift construction?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-20
In recent years, malignant incidents of high-altitude operation lifts have occurred from time to time. The root cause is that the handling measures are not in place and the lack of scientificity is the root cause of hidden dangers. Here, taking the SC type aerial work electric pallet lift truck as an example, several issues that need attention are put forward. 1. Safety switch The safety switches of high-altitude operation elevators are planned according to safety requirements, including fence door limit, cage door limit, top door limit, limit switch, upper and lower limit switch, counterweight anti-break rope protection switch Wait. In some construction sites, in order to save trouble, some limit switches are manually cancelled and short-circuited or if they are not corrected in time after being damaged, it is equivalent to canceling these safety grounds and planting hidden dangers. In order to prevent the occurrence of hidden dangers, it is expected that the leaders of the unit will be used to strengthen the management, and the protection and operators are strictly required to check the safety and reliability of various safety switches on a regular basis, so as to eliminate the occurrence of accidents. 2. Wear of gears and racks replace the construction on the construction site. The working environment conditions are harsh. Cement, mortar and dust cannot be eliminated and cleaned. The gears and racks grind each other, and the teeth are still in use even if the teeth are sharpened. This should be paid attention to. . As we all know, the tooth profile should be like a cantilever beam. When it is worn to a certain size, it is necessary to replace the gear (or rack). To what extent is it necessary to replace with new ones intermittently? A 25-50mm common normal micrometer can be used for measurement. When the common normal length of the gear is worn from 37.1mm to less than 35.1mm (2 teeth), it is necessary to replace it. New gear. When the rack is worn, it is measured by the tooth thickness caliper. When the tooth thickness is worn from 12.56mm to less than 10.6mm when the chord height is 8mm, the rack must be replaced. However, many old gears and rack elevators on the construction site are still in use. For overdue service use, it is necessary to replace new parts for safety reasons. Third, the definition of the temporary load rate The high-altitude operation elevators on the construction site operate frequently, and the utilization rate is high, but the continuous working system of the motor has to be considered, that is, the problem of the temporary load rate, which is defined as FCu003d Work cycle time/load time×100%, during which the work cycle time is load time and shutdown time. If the transmission system is poorly smooth or running resistance is too large, overloaded, or frequently started, it is even a small horse-drawn cart. 4. Buffer. The buffer on the high-altitude operation electric pallet lift truck is the final ground defense. First, it must be set up. Second, it must have a certain strength, can accept the impact of the extra load of the lift, and play a buffer effect. . And now many construction sites, although some have settings, but they are not enough to provide a buffer effect. There is no buffer at all on the site. This is extremely wrong. It is hoped that the application unit will pay attention to check it, and do not underestimate this final defense. Ground. 5. Floor parking safety protection doors. High-altitude operation elevators should be equipped with parking safety protection doors on each parking floor. Obviously, if it is not set up as required, the construction workers waiting at a high place will easily have an accidental fall. When setting the parking safety protection door, ensure that the height of the safety protection door is not less than 1.8m, and the landing door should have interlocking equipment. The protection door cannot be opened before the cage reaches the parking position to ensure the safety of the operators. 6. The base fence The base fence should be installed without mechanical interlocking or electrical interlocking, and the organization interlocking should make the cage can only be located in the regular position at the bottom, the base fence door can be opened, and the electrical interlocking should make the protective fence open and then hoist. The cage is parked and cannot be started. There are quite a lot of construction elevators. When the cage is approaching the fence door, the bottom of the cage presses a beam to work downwards, and the reversing pulley wire rope drives the fence door to open upwards. This is not allowed. It is very simple to leave the fence near the fence. The person constitutes an injury. 7. Control box on the top of the hanging cage. The top of the hanging cage should be equipped with a control box for maintenance or disassembly, and it can only work at a speed not higher than 0.65m/s under the condition of multiple speeds. When using the control box on the top of the cage, other operating devices are ineffective. At this moment, the safety equipment of the cage still has a protective effect. The top of the cage should be controlled by a stable pressure button or a bistable switch for intermittent operation. The top of the cage should be equipped with a non-self-resetting emergency stop switch, which can block the circuit at any time and interrupt the movement of the cage. 8. Over-voltage, under-voltage, and fault-open phase protection. Over-voltage, under-voltage, and fault-open-phase protection equipment is used to protect the equipment when there is voltage drop, over-voltage, and faults in the electrical circuit. Intermittent work. Some construction electric pallet lift truck repair personnel on the construction site did not clean the defects in time that caused the over-voltage and under-voltage and fault-phase protection equipment actions. Instead, they cancelled or short-circuited the protection equipment, which made it ineffective and left hidden dangers to the equipment. There were some early stages. The product does not have this protective device at all, and it is recommended to be equipped. Lifts for high-altitude operations should be able to carry people and goods under the conditions of overvoltage, undervoltage, and faulty phase protection equipment that are reliable and useful.
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