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How to break through the battery bottleneck in the transformation of electric forklift batteries?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-19
The service life of electric forklift batteries is its bottleneck, and it has not been able to break through for many years. Although it has occupied the market at a low price, as a developing country, it should be guided by more environmentally friendly materials and introduce new energy development technologies to replace electric forklift lead-acid batteries. , The overall mass and volume required by the new energy electric forklift are relatively large, the driving course of one charge is relatively short, the service life is short, and the later use cost is high. In addition, lead-acid batteries take a long time to charge. Lead is a heavy metal and pollutes. It runs counter to the concept of new energy-powered electric forklifts. The number of cycles of electric forklift batteries ranges from 800 to 1500. At present, let alone new energy electric forklifts. Compared with imported or joint-venture electric forklift batteries, there is a big difference in the service life of domestic electric pallet truck batteries. Although domestic batteries have an advantage in price, development is the last word and cannot break through the life bottleneck. In addition, the maintenance cost is relatively high. Other channels are needed for breakthroughs. The road to the transformation of electric pallet truck batteries At present, most electric forklift batteries are mainly made of lead-acid materials. The nominal voltage of a single-cell electric forklift battery is 2V, which can be discharged to 1.5V and recharged to 2.2V, due to its low price , Has been recognized by consumers in the market, but the material of electric forklift batteries has polluting properties. China’s environmental protection problems are becoming more and more serious. Many battery manufacturers cannot get standardized management. When multiple batteries are used in series, the worst performance battery is often Become the bottleneck of the entire group of power supplies. Under the dual pressure of high oil prices and environmental protection, the traditional industrial vehicle sector has also set off a 'green storm'. At the 2012 Asia International Logistics Technology and Transportation System Exhibition, BYD, a leading electric vehicle brand, will make a strong debut with the world’s first electric electric forklift equipped with “iron battery”. BYD’s “iron battery” triggers a revolution in the power system of the electric forklift industry. This completely solved the environmental protection problems of the electric forklift industry. BYD began to develop electric electric forklifts equipped with 'iron batteries' as early as 2010. After three years of technical storage and research and development, it has successfully launched counterweight, pallet, and front Four series of pure electric forklifts, mobile and stacking. Bi Guozhong, the person in charge of BYD electric forklifts, said: BYD's confidence in entering the field of electric electric forklifts comes from the excellent performance of 'iron batteries' in the market and practical applications. As a global leader in the secondary battery industry, BYD’s “iron battery” is in a leading position in the world in terms of technology, process and large-scale application experience. At present, other domestic lithium battery technologies are still immature, and their performance is the worst due to the “short-board effect” The battery is usually fully charged earlier than other batteries and emptied earlier than other batteries. During repeated charge and discharge cycles, this gap will gradually widen and eventually cause the degradation of the entire battery pack. If the consistency of the lithium-ion battery in the production process and the sorting and matching group cannot be guaranteed, the life of the battery pack will also be greatly affected. Most domestic lead-acid battery manufacturers are labor-intensive, with relatively backward productivity and more waste of resources. This is mainly because my country has led the world in battery technology, especially power battery technology, but lags behind in equipment. In some developed countries, especially in the field of lead-acid battery production, it is particularly prominent, reducing manual operations, realizing mechanization and automation, and solving labor-intensive and environmental pollution problems.  The electric forklift battery manufacturing industry currently needs to explore the road of transformation and development. It will be a long and difficult process. It needs Chinese battery entrepreneurs to recognize the current status of battery development and the development path that meets environmental protection requirements.
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