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How to buy electric stacker (truck), what kind of stacker is good

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-12-07

(1) Choose electric stackers based on operating functions

The basic operating functions of stackers are divided into level handling, stacking/pickup, loading/unloading, and picking. According to the requirements of the company The work function that arrives can start from the company’s product series. In addition, the extraordinary work function will affect the specific installation equipment of the stacker, such as paper rolls, molten iron, etc., which need to be stacked. The high truck is equipped with attachments to achieve extraordinary functions.

(2) Choose the stacker according to the operation request

The stacker operation request includes pallet or product specifications, promotion height, and operation channel General requirements such as width, gradeability, etc., as well as requirements for work habits (such as sitting or standing driving), work obedience (different models are subject to differences).

(3) Work Situation

If the company needs to move goods or stacks that require environmental protection such as noise or exhaust emissions, you should think about it when choosing a model and setting up equipment. If it is in a cold storage or in a In the case of an explosion-proof request, the installation equipment of the stacker should also be cold storage type or explosion-proof type. Carefully investigate the address that the lithium pallet truck needs to pass through during operation, and imagine possible problems. For example, the height of the door when entering and exiting the warehouse is more effective for the stacker. Whether it has an impact; when the elevator is paid and paid, the height of the elevator and the impact of the load on the stacker; when working upstairs, whether the floor load can reach the response request, etc.

Note: In the selection And when certain equipment is set up, it is necessary to describe the working conditions to the stacker supplier in detail, and conduct on-site surveys to ensure that the selected stacker is complete and meets the needs of the company. Even if the analysis of the above steps is achieved, there are still several models. At the same time, you can be satisfied with the above request. At this time, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

① Different models and work obedience are different, so the number of forklifts and the number of drivers required are also different, which will cause a series of cost changes. , Please refer to the description of the cost in the function evaluation part of this article.

② If the stacker is operating in the stack, the channel width required to distinguish the vehicle type is different, and the promotion ability is also different, which will bring stacking Changes in planning, such as changes in the storage of goods.

③ Changes in vehicle models and their number will affect many aspects such as fleet management.

④ Differentiate the market ownership of vehicle models The difference, the after-sales guarantee ability is also different, for example: low driving three-way stacker and high driving three-way stacker belong to the narrow aisle lithium pallet truck series, and can be stacked in a very narrow aisle (1.5~2.0 meters). Stacking and picking up goods. However, the former cab cannot be promoted, so the control line of sight is poor, and the work obedience is lower. Because the latter can fully cover the functions of the former, and the functions are more outstanding, the sales of the latter in the European market surpass the former. 4~5 times, and in China, it is more than 6 times. Therefore, most suppliers are focusing on the development of high-drive three-way stackers, while low-drive three-way stackers are only used for small tonnage and low elevation. (Usually within 6 meters). When the market sales volume is small, the number of engineers, engineer experience, and spare parts inventory level of the after-sales service will be absolutely weak.

After a comprehensive evaluation of the effects of the above aspects, choose the most legitimate plan.

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