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How to choose an electric lifting platform truck?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-13
The electric lifting platform truck is a multifunctional lifting machine driven by hydraulic pressure and an electric lithium pallet truck platform lifting system. The mechanical structure of the slit fork makes the lifting channel high in stability, wide in the operation channel, and high in carrying capacity, making the scale of high-altitude operation large and suitable for multiple people to work together. It makes high-altitude operations more efficient and safer. First of all, when selecting and purchasing elevators, companies should consider the scale of operation, operating frequency, utilization rate, rated weight, etc. Second, consider the place where the place is used, such as the soft foundation of the foundation, the severity of the weather, etc., for example, the electric lithium pallet truck platform used in the field must be equipped with a windproof rope. Because the place is often windy, if the wind is very strong, the electric The operating time of the lithium pallet truck platform may cause a strong sensation, and it is prone to risks. Therefore, it is necessary to use wind ropes to maintain the elevator operators. Therefore, how to choose the most suitable elevator position is the result of careful testing of the data. Third, at the end of the prompt, choose an elevator that is suitable for the unit's operating level, especially electric elevators under special circumstances, such as oil fields, gas stations, and chemical plants. At this moment, explosion-proof electric elevator is selected, and the elevator uses explosion-proof electronic control box and contains wiring. External maintenance is through rigorous and repeated tests to ensure foolproof.
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