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How to drive the aerial work platform truck on rainy days

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-16
Keep calm in rainy weather. Because the road is wet and slippery, the driver needs to be more calm when operating the aerial platform stacker truck, calm down and drive as usual. Don’t panic because the road is slippery. Of course, you should be more careful on rainy days, but don’t Beware of being too nervous. Second, lightly step on the accelerator. Assuming any situation during the journey, remember not to use excessive force when you need to brake or turn the wheel. This will cause the car to have a counterproductive effect. It should be appropriate according to its inertia. To step on the brakes, maintain the stability of the vehicle, and avoid the situation where the wheels are locked. Third, in rainy days, we must maintain a wide horizon. If the horizon is not clear, there will be many unpredictable incidents. The normal operation of the wiper is very important, so you should always check whether the wiper is in good condition when you maintain the car. , Whether it has a sensation and abnormal noise during operation, whether it is aging, etc., suppose that if there is a problem, it should be repaired in time. Fourth, when traveling on the road, pay attention to maintaining a certain distance between obstacles and other construction vehicles, not too close to obstacles, and understand the size of the aerial work platform vehicle body and the operating environment. The aerial work platform truck is a very common lifting tool in the aerial work platform. The aerial work is convenient and fast, and it is easy to move. It can carry the aerial platform stacker for mobile operations. It can be operated even in rainy weather, but it needs to be careful when driving on rainy days.
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