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How to get a license for an electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-26
Certificates required when obtaining a license for an electric stacker: special equipment manufacturing license, type test report and vehicle qualification certificate. Please note that the information of the nameplate manufacturer must be consistent with the information of the manufacturer that provides the license. For general small factories without special equipment manufacturing licenses, please choose to purchase an electric stacker and choose the manufacturer that has completed the registration certificate to avoid subsequent During use, it is investigated by relevant departments. Next, I will introduce you to these three certifications: special equipment manufacturing license, or TS certification. Refers to the inspection by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the relevant units that produce special equipment (including design, manufacturing, installation, modification, maintenance, etc.), supervision, inspection, and inspection; the qualified unit will evaluate and issue a license to allow the use of TS Management behavior of certification marks. In the field of special equipment, if the manufacturing, using, and inspecting unit fails to obtain TS certification within the prescribed time limit, the state will not allow it to enter the special equipment in the relevant field to carry out economic activities. The legal basis for special equipment management is the laws of the People’s Republic of China on the safety of special equipment. The type inspection report is the type inspection result confirmation document issued by the type inspection agency. The type test is to show that the quality of the product meets all the requirements of product standards and product sampling inspection. It is the basis of many types of certification and is the evaluation of one or more representative samples of production. At this time, the number of samples required for the inspection is determined by the quality and technical supervision department or the inspection agency, and through on-site sampling and sealing, sampling points are randomly selected from the final products of the manufacturing unit, and the inspection location is performed by an approved independent inspection agency.
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