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How to maintain and use the charger of an electric forklift (electric stacker)?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-02
Many customers know that electric stackers are playing an increasingly important role in the cargo handling process of warehousing and logistics. As a large number of electric fully-powered stackers and fully-electric pallet trucks are assembled in enterprises, some problems gradually appear during use, such as the maintenance and maintenance of electric stackers, maintenance of electric stackers, and electric stackers. Car charging guarantees are some of the problems faced by customers. As mentioned earlier, the maintenance, warranty and repair of electric stackers can be solved with the help of the manufacturer’s after-sales service. However, the manufacturer’s service is not specifically set up for us. They have many other customers. If they can’t timely Be there to provide us with a solution to the problem, don't we stop working? The equipment is placed there. Besides, the electric stacker is not a very high-tech product, nor does it mean that what will happen when bumped, simple maintenance and maintenance should always be possible. It should not be difficult to add distilled water to the product, not to overload the cargo, and to check whether the oil pipe is leaking. But for the problem of the charger of the electric stacker, I want to explain here, how to maintain the normal use of the charger is the key to the continuous use of the electric stacker. Some people say that the charger is broken, and we can just buy a new one. I told the customer: 'Your company really has too much money to use up. You can buy it.' Everyone wants to buy a product that can be used. It takes longer. No one wants to buy a product that will soon break down, or that it will break down in less than two days after buying it. We all want to buy products that can last longer. Besides, it is not cheap to change the charger of an electric stacker truck. The general price is 5000 yuan, and the good one is more than 6000 yuan. So, what is my suggestion to customers to ensure the life of the charger? What are the matters that should be paid attention to? Precautions for the use of the electric stacker charger: 1. When using the electric stacker charger, it should be carried out in a non-flammable and ventilated environment to ensure that the gas generated during charging is blown away. 2. Make sure that the two electrodes of the battery are connected correctly and in good contact. 3. When preparing to charge, first connect the battery and charger cable, and then connect the charger's AC power. 4. When stopping charging, first cut off the power switch, and then cut off the connection between the battery and the charger. 5. When the charger is accidentally disconnected from the battery during the charging process, the charger will automatically cut off the input AC power, 'the battery is charged to 80% battery indicator LED' and 'the charger is abnormal or the charging is completed indicator LED' bright. When recharging, the input AC power must be disconnected first, and then the AC power can be connected for charging after connecting the battery. 6. In order to prevent fire, do not cover anything on the charger. There should be a certain space between the charger and the surrounding, otherwise it will cause overheating.
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