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How to maintain the wearing parts of the aerial work platform?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-08
If the aerial work platform is broken, it does not mean that the quality of the platform truck is not good enough. Even the car needs maintenance. Assuming improper maintenance, it will cause damage to the car and affect the life of the car.   The vulnerable parts of the upper part of the aerial platform stacker are the hydraulic cylinder and the sealing ring. The maintenance is relatively simple, but the maintenance of the chassis part is more troublesome. The car owner must always pay attention to the maintenance of the vulnerable parts in the following parts.  1, tyres    tyres are divided into comfort type and sporty type. You can choose any type of tire for any model. When the tire is suspended for conversion, it is usually related to the conversion, so as not to affect the deviation of the vehicle. When the depth of the tread pattern is less than 1.6 mm, perhaps when the tread pattern has reached the wear indicator in the past, the conversion must be stopped in real time. 2. Brake pads Don't be greedy for small and cheap when buying brake pads. Always check. When the thickness of brake pads is less than 0.6 cm, it must be changed. 3. As long as the clutch is a manual gearbox, there is the problem of abrasion of the condenser discs. When you feel that you cannot run at high speed; another example is that the car has a sense of rushing when starting with a gear; and there is jerky when stepping on and lifting. Sense, etc., need to be converted in these situations.  4, storage battery    storage battery can add water to the outside, causing life extension, but this refers to ordinary batteries. Assuming it is a non-protected battery, then there is no need to add water to it. Adding water also has to mention the suspension of the non-protected battery, which is difficult to correct. It is better not to add too much trouble.  5. Timing belt of the engine This is about you who are still using the timing belt. Assuming you used a timing chain before, you don't need to bother to protect it. However, the timing belt still needs to be converted on a regular basis. If the belt is cracked, there will be no signs before the crack, and you will be very troublesome after the crack.  6. Wiper blades    wipers are divided into bone wipers and boneless wipers. The boneless wipers are easier to clean the glass than the bone wipers, but they are also easier to consume. In terms of maintenance, wiper blades should be changed every year, clean regularly, and abandon the wet wiper to prevent the glass from being scratched. 7. Air filter If the filter hose is found to be aging or cracks composed of dirt, oil and other dust, it is necessary to switch the hose in real time to ensure our driving safety. 8. Engine oil    Engine oil is divided by quality, including general mineral oil, semi-differentiated oil and fully-differentiated oil. Choosing a good oil can make the car more endurance, more dynamic, and also protect the engine. Assuming that you choose general oil, you must also use an oil filter and switch on demand. 9. Brake fluid, also known as life-saving fluid, needs to be changed every sixty thousand kilometers.   Assuming that you step on the brakes and there is no tactile feedback, and there is no hard feeling, you need to change the brake fluid at this time. When changing the brake fluid, you need to run the original brake fluid completely, remember not to mix the brake fluid. 10. Gasoline filter. Gasoline filter can ensure the quality of the oil entering the car. If it is not changed, perhaps changing it in advance will affect the function of the car, causing the oil circuit to be poor, the fuel is sluggish, etc., and it starts to cause slow damage to the engine. As a result, the engine was overhauled. 11. Spark plug   The spark plug is made of nickel alloy and has a life span of about 30,000 kilometers. The life span of the more junior platinum spark plugs and iridium spark plugs is two to three times that of nickel alloys, and the price is only a few dozen yuan. When choosing a spark plug, first determine the type and heat rating of your car. 12. The gearbox needs to switch gearbox oil regardless of whether it is a manual gearbox or an automatic gearbox. It is very simple for manual gearboxes to switch gearbox oil, while automatic gearboxes require shared equipment to accommodate transmission fluid and other impurities. Completely cleared.
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