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How to prevent abnormal wear of electric forklift tires

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-30
1) Strengthen the maintenance of tires and achieve the 'four diligences' (ie, frequent air pressure, frequent tire temperature checks, frequent digging of stones, frequent small holes). The tires should be inflated according to the specified air pressure, and regularly under cold conditions and certain loads. Check and adjust the tire pressure at least once a month; in summer, due to the high ambient temperature, if you find that the tire temperature is too high, you should appropriately increase the number of stops to avoid direct sunlight to the tire. It is advisable to park the fork in a cool place and do not use cold water to cool down or put it away. Air pressure reduction; when parked in the open air for a long time in winter, a plank should be placed under the tires. Do not accelerate immediately when starting. When the tires become hot, switch to normal driving. It is necessary to timely remove the metal pieces, glass and gravel embedded between the tread patterns; after removing the embedded debris, if the wound has reached the carcass, a new tire should be replaced. Check the tires for studs, cuts, bulges and cracks in time. If there are deep holes, use raw rubber to fill them. (2) Improve the maintenance quality of the chassis. Check and correct the wheel alignment in time to ensure that the toe and camber meet the design requirements; check whether the rim is cracked, deformed, or obviously corroded. If so, repair it or replace it with a high-quality one. Rim, ensure that the rim matches the tire; fill in grease in time as required and adjust the gap of the hub bearing, tie rod ball joint, and kingpin bushing to the design value; maintain the balance of the tire, and if it is unbalanced, the wheel should be subjected to a dynamic balance test; Check the valve exhaust frequently to determine whether oil has entered the tire. Once oil is found in the tire, the tire should be removed and cleaned immediately. At the same time, check the air seal and place the tire in the greenhouse to restore the elasticity of the tire when changing the tire in winter. , When installing the wheel rim, apply soap liquid to the tire mouth to prevent damage to the mouth; the new platform should be used after 200km of wear and tear before it can be used normally; the service brake drum clearance should be adjusted to the design value without drag; the wheel hub oil seal and system The hydraulic cylinder should have no oil leakage to prevent the oil from dripping onto the tires and soaking the rubber; the lateral and radial swing of the wheel assembly should meet the requirements. (3) Improve driving skills. When starting, the clutch pedal should be slowly raised to start smoothly; the maximum speed should not exceed the speed limit of the tire level when driving; sudden acceleration, sudden braking and sudden steering should be avoided during driving. When driving, pay attention to the thick, sharp and sharp materials scattered on the road. When encountering obstacles such as rocks and potholes, they should slow down or avoid them. (4) Reasonable selection and matching of tires. The tire specifications of the forklift should be determined based on the static load generated by the forklift's own weight and cargo weight and the dynamic load generated by the forklift when the forklift is traveling, and the factors of road surface and vehicle speed should be considered; the tires should be installed on the rim of the specified specification. The same axle should be equipped with tires of the same brand, specification, pattern and level; when changing tires, the entire vehicle should be coaxially replaced; the tires used should be compatible with the maximum design speed; when the tires are rotated, the front wheels should be as far as possible Assemble tires with less trauma and light wear. The front wheels should be equipped with tires with less trauma and light wear as much as possible. After the tires are rotated, the air pressure shall be re-adjusted according to the requirements of the changed tire positions; the appropriate tread pattern shall be selected according to the driving conditions; installation; For patterned tires, pay attention to the markings on the rolling direction of the wheel. (5) Pay attention to the balance of cargo load and prevent tire overload. The method of increasing tire pressure cannot be used to compensate for tire overload. In short, mastering the load and air pressure standards, keeping the electric pallet truck in good technical condition, normal driving, reasonable selection and matching of tires and reasonable loading can effectively prevent the abnormal wear of electric pallet truck tires and extend the use of electric forklift tires. life.
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