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How to protect aerial work platforms in summer

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-12
In summer, the temperature gradually rises. This season is windy and rainy, and it is the peak season of the project. Many aerial work platforms are operated outdoors, so the test of the equipment can be imagined. So how should we do well in the maintenance of aerial work platforms in the hot season? 1. Waxing the exterior of aerial work platforms. The exterior of the aerial work platform body paint in summer will accelerate aging, fading and even fall under the scorching sun. Therefore, car owners should do a good job of maintenance of the paint surface in summer to prevent oxidation and corrosion of the paint surface. The owner of the car first needs to wash the car clean, investigate whether the paint surface is muddy and obvious scratches, if necessary, touch the paint surface with hands to see if it is lubricated. Under normal circumstances, for problems such as old paint surface, fine scratches, etc., you can use abrasive sandpaper to partially grind and polish, and perform treatments such as waxing, glaze sealing, and coating on the whole car. Especially after the glaze is finished, the car is like a layer of invisible clothing covering the body, no longer afraid of ultraviolet rays, acid and alkali, and corrosion by wind and sand. 2. Engine cooling. The engine is the center of the aerial work platform. If it is used for a long time in summer, it will simply cause the engine to overheat. When the engine is overheated, it is necessary to make a decisive judgment and handle it swiftly. 3. Protection of tires In summer, the temperature is high, and the tire pressure of the tires will continue to rise, often causing a tire blowout. Speeding, overloading or emergency braking can simply cause a tire blowout. Therefore, it is possible to properly lower the tire pressure, perhaps refill the tires with helium that is more stable and difficult to inflate in physical properties, or choose a deflation method to reduce temperature and pressure. Although this method is not beneficial for long-term driving, it is safe and safe after all. The work to be continued is the top of the list. 4. Personnel safety considerations. The working personnel must have a comfortable environment under high temperature, and operate the aerial platform stacker with a clear mind. This may also prevent a series of man-made incidents; there is a lot of rain in summer and the problem of water accumulation in equipment It must be dealt with in a timely manner. The above-mentioned points are the tasks that are most frequently encountered in summer and need to be prepared in advance. In summer, high-temperature operations cannot blindly seek speed.
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