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How to reduce the wastage of the useless work of the hydraulic high-altitude operation lift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-10
Increasingly serious environmental problems cannot be ignored. Low-carbon and energy-saving is urgent. The power loss of the hydraulic system of hydraulic aerial work lifts will cause energy waste on the one hand and reduce the utilization rate of the system. On the other hand, this part of the lost energy will be lost. It will be converted into heat, the temperature of the hydraulic oil will gradually rise, and the oil will change, causing the hydraulic elevator to appear faulty. Let's talk about how to reduce the waste of the useless work of the hydraulic high-altitude operation elevator! 1. Reasonably adjust the pressure value. When hydraulic oil flows through various hydraulic valves, it is inevitable that there will be pressure loss and flow loss. This part of the energy loss occupies a large proportion of the total energy loss. Therefore, reasonable selection of hydraulics and adjustment of the pressure of the pressure valve are also an important aspect of reducing power loss. The flow valve is selected according to the regular flow adjustment scale and its most stable flow can meet the application requirements. The pressure of the pressure valve should be as low as possible when the hydraulic electric pallet lift truck is satisfied with the normal operation. 2. Reduce pressure loss When selecting a speed control circuit, it is necessary to be satisfied with the speed control indication and to reduce power loss as much as possible. The common speed control loops mainly include: save speed control loop, volume speed control loop, volume save speed control loop. Among them, the power loss of the speed-saving loop is large, and the low-speed stability is good. The volumetric speed control loop has neither overflow loss nor saving loss. The power is high, but the low-speed stability is poor. If we want to meet the requirements of both aspects together, it is suggested that we can use a variable pressure differential pump and a volume-saving speed control loop composed of a saving valve, and make the pressure difference between the two ends of the saving valve as small as possible to reduce pressure loss. 3. Choose the right hydraulic oil. When the hydraulic oil moves in the pipeline, it will show viscosity, and when the viscosity is too large, it will produce strong internal friction and form oil heating. resistance. When the viscosity is too low, leakage is easy to form, which will reduce the volume power of the system. Therefore, oils with suitable viscosity and good viscosity-temperature characteristics are generally selected. In addition, when the oil moves in the pipeline, there is still pressure loss and partial pressure loss along the way. Therefore, when designing the pipeline, try to shorten the pipeline and reduce the elbow. 4. Reasonable selection of pump station size Considering the diversification of actuator operating conditions, sometimes the system requires large flow and low pressure; sometimes it requires small flow and high pressure. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a pressure-limiting variable pump, because the flow rate of this type of pump changes with the change of the system pressure. When the system pressure drops, the flow rate is relatively large, which can satisfy the fast stroke of the actuator. When the system pressure advances, the flow rate decreases accordingly, which can satisfy the operating rules of the actuator. In this way, the operating requirements of the actuator can be satisfied, and the power consumption can be more reasonable. 5. It is strictly forbidden to overload operation. When using hydraulic high-altitude operation elevators, you should not be greedy and time-saving and overload the equipment. This will only reduce the operating speed, damage the equipment, add emissions, affect the next use, and shorten the life of the elevator.
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