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How to solve the abnormal noise problem of electric pallet truck?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2023-02-03

Electric pallet trucks can be called electric pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks, electro-hydraulic pallet trucks, automatic pallet trucks, and electric pallet trucks. Electric pallet trucks can be divided into two categories: semi-electric pallet trucks and all-electric pallet trucks, but no matter which name or model, their maintenance and maintenance are roughly the same.

The failure of electric pallet trucks generally has precursors, and sometimes it may be just a little abnormal noise. So is there any troubleshooting and solution to the abnormal noise problem of electric pallet trucks?

First of all, we must find out the cause of the abnormal noise, check the fasteners of the electric pallet truck, see if the screws are loose, see if the casters of the car are severely worn, whether they are loose, and whether the gap between parts is too large? Check whether there are cracks in the link between the fork and the car body, and whether there is cracking in the weld? Check whether the bearing is in good condition? In addition, check whether the seals of the electric pallet truck are damaged and so on.

After checking out the reason, we can know whether the abnormal noise problem is caused by damaged parts or maintenance. We can consult the electric pallet truck manufacturer or electric pallet truck supplier for damaged parts. If there is no damage, we can carry out Maintenance.

Maintenance method: Add appropriate lubricating oil to the joints of the parts of the electric pallet truck. Loose fasteners require us to reinforce, or replace. If there is cracking at the welding part of the parts, it is necessary to carry out secondary welding in time.

In fact, the problem of abnormal noise is easy to solve as long as we find the root cause, but it is difficult to find the cause. This is a cumbersome job, and we need to have enough patience. make a solution.

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