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How to solve the noise of hydraulic elevator

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-10
There will always be some noise pollution in the work of the machine. Some are because the space is too small, and the sound in the confined space will expand. The most common reason is that the hydraulic electric pallet lift truck has been used for a long time and the noise pollution caused by the aging of the hydraulic pump station; except for the above several For this reason, the faults of the elevator may also cause noise, so how to solve or reduce these noise pollution problems? First of all, let’s take a look at the noise pollution caused by structural faults in hydraulic elevators: the lack of bearing lubricants in hydraulic elevators leads to greater oscillating conflicts between guide rails and pulleys, causing huge noise. At this time, you only need to add lubricating oil or replace worn-out ones. The roller bearings can be used. The second point is the noise generated by the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system is divided into hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves and pipelines. When the hydraulic system of the elevator is just installed, the noise of the motor hydraulic pump will be relatively loud at the beginning of work, and this phenomenon will not occur after a period of warm-up operation; If there is noise in the hydraulic cylinder of the elevator, it is because the operation error of the elevator to replace the hydraulic oil has caused the hydraulic oil to be mixed with air. At this time, the hydraulic oil must be replaced and the hydraulic oil still on the pump should be discharged. The degree of damage should be replaced in time. The above two conditions are the common causes of noise in hydraulic elevators. It is recommended that we conduct daily protection and maintenance every quarter to avoid excessive damage to the elevator and unnecessary loss. The article comes from the Internet!
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