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How to solve the problem of hydraulic lifting platform failure

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-21
The editor informs us how to effectively reduce the occurrence of problems after purchasing a hydraulic lifting platform! ① Unbalanced load of goods: When placing goods, the goods should be placed in the center of the table as much as possible. The skew of the table is the highest probability problem presented by the hydraulic lifting platform. The causes of table skew can be divided into two categories: man-made and product defects. The main human factor is not paying attention to daily use, and not following the prescribed methods to operate the formed lifting channels presenting various problems. We have temporarily brought this up. ② Damage to the hydraulic system: the oil cylinder is severely worn, and the inner closing ring is unevenly damaged. Perhaps there are obstacles inside, which will simply cause uneven force, resulting in uneven height of the oil cylinder. It is recommended to carefully check whether the oil cylinder is normal. When there is foreign matter inside the oil delivery pipe, which causes the uneven force of the hydraulic oil to be transported, it will show unevenness on the table surface. It is recommended to carefully check whether the delivery oil pipe is unblocked. ③Quality problem of hydraulic lithium pallet truck platform: The production scale of the support rods is inconsistent, which is a quality defect of the lifting channel equipment itself. It is recommended to contact the manufacturer for replacement. The probability of this situation is low. When the center axis of the support rod is inconsistent, the lifting channel cannot be operated normally, the channel is severely damaged, and the table is skewed, please check carefully. ④Replace hydraulic oil: use 32# hydraulic oil in winter and 46# hydraulic oil in summer, and replace it in time. Because temperature will affect the viscosity of hydraulic oil, it is very simple and forgotten by us, so we should prepare for work. It is necessary for the hydraulic lithium pallet truck platform to pass strict inspections before leaving the factory. The operating standards should be implemented during use, and maintenance should be carried out in time after use, so that the incidence of faults will be gradually reduced. .
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