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How to spend the running-in period of the semi-electric stacker?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2023-02-04

Recently, many customers have purchased semi-electric stackers, so are there any precautions for the newly purchased semi-electric stackers? How do we maintain it during the running-in period? Let's talk about some related topics:

In the initial stage of running-in of the new semi-electric stacker, heavy objects should not be carried. One is that it needs a period of time to run-in between the parts, and the other is that the operator also needs a period of time to familiarize himself with the operation. Objects tend to tip over if handled incorrectly. Before loading, the empty vehicle should be operated 1-3 times to check whether there is any abnormality in the operation of the components of the semi-electric stacker, and the load can only be carried out after the inspection is correct. Daily, weekly and monthly inspections should be carried out carefully and thoroughly in accordance with the requirements of the semi-electric stacker manufacturer. The daily inspection is to check the electricity and other vulnerable parts such as wheels and chains. The weekly inspection involves checking important components such as motors, monthly inspections to check the hydraulic oil of the machine, and check whether the links between various parts need lubrication and other maintenance work. Use a 250 volt megohmmeter to measure the cold-state insulation resistance of the motor every three months, and the resistance should be greater than 0.5MΩ, such as resistance less than 0.5 MΩ, should be dried. Check whether the connecting wire of the motor outlet is correct and firm. Check whether the space between the commutator segments is clean, and the brushes should slide freely in the brush box. Check that all fasteners are tight. ) Check the wear of the brushes every three months, and replace the brushes as appropriate. Do a comprehensive maintenance of the motor once a year. If the semi-electric stacker is in use, if it encounters an uphill road, it is not allowed to carry goods. People have to pull the vehicle, with the person in front and the car behind. If you need to push the vehicle on a downhill road, the person is behind and the vehicle is in front. Entering and exiting the elevator is also the first thing to ensure the safety of people. No matter whether there is cargo or not, the car needs to enter first and then the people. In this way, when getting out of the elevator, people can deliver goods first and then exit.

5. The semi-electric stacker shall not continue to work when the battery is undervoltage. If it is not used for a long time, the battery should be charged and then stored.

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