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How to store electric forklift batteries?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-17
Temporarily unused electric pallet truck batteries can be used for wet storage. The method is to fully charge the battery first, then adjust the density to 1.24--1.28, adjust the liquid level to a normal height, and seal the filling hole cover and place it in a dark place indoors. It should be checked regularly during the wet storage period. If the capacity is reduced by 25%, it should be replenished immediately, and it should be fully charged before delivery. The wet storage period should not exceed half a year. The battery with a long period of non-use should be stored in a dry manner. The battery should be discharged at a 10-hour discharge rate. After the electrolyte is discharged, rinse it with distilled water several times until the water is not acidic. After drying, tighten the hole cover, seal it and store it, and reuse it Treat it as a new battery. The storage method and storage time of the new battery should be subject to the factory instructions. When the transportation and storage conditions meet the manufacturer's requirements, the storage period is generally 2 years. When storing the battery, please pay attention: it should be stored in a dry, clean and well-ventilated warehouse with a room temperature of 5-40 degrees; it should not be exposed to direct sunlight and away from heat sources; avoid contact with any liquid and harmful substances; it should not be placed upside down or lying down. Do not receive impact and heavy pressure.
How to judge whether the gear oil of an electric forklift is contaminated
As we all know, the quality of gear oil is very important when electric forklifts are working. In the use of electric forklifts, always check the amount of gear oil to prevent the gear oil from being contaminated. The method for determining whether the gear oil of an electric forklift is contaminated is as follows: (1) Determine the water content of the gear oil. If the water content exceeds 0.2%, the gear oil must be replaced immediately. (2) Measure the kinematic viscosity of electric forklift gear oil at 40oC and 100oC respectively. When the viscosity change rate of the measured gear oil exceeds 10%-15% of the viscosity of the new gear oil, it must be replaced, and the reason for the change in the viscosity of the gear oil must be found out.
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