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Nine musts and nines for aerial work platform operation

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-11
Nine essentials: 1. The control personnel must receive control training and have a certificate to work; 2. Define the safety area and mark it in a conspicuous position; 3. High-altitude workers must wear safety protective equipment when working on the platform; 4. Check each item in detail before operation The components and protective equipment are complete, and the test run has passed; 5. Anran operation plan must be drawn up in advance; 6. It must be accurately controlled in accordance with the control process; 7. The Anran support must be turned on before the operation; 8. The Enron homework must be determined by the engineering site; 9. , After the work is completed, the platform must be parked in a designated position, and the equipment must be cleaned and maintained. Nine Don't: 1. Avoid operation without reaching the designated prerequisites; 2. Avoid operation with mechanical failure; 3. Avoid operation with unknown surrounding conditions; 4. Avoid operation of parts in a non-leveling state; 5. Aerial platform stacker is lifting, or Lifting state, avoid homework; homework 6. Avoid work below the platform boom; 7. Avoid overloading and overcrowding work; 8. Avoid work when thunderstorms and winds are above five levels; 9. Avoid private modification of equipment assembly;
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