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Precautions for removal and installation of electric forklift tire

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-13
There are 5 points to pay attention to when disassembling and installing electric pallet truck tires. 1. Park the forklift on a flat, hard road, turn off the engine, and make the forklift in an idling state. 2. Lower the fork to the ground and stop the wheels with the parking brake. If you change the steering tire, support the jack in the center of the rear bracket of the rear axle. If you change the drive tire, support the jack on the side of the front of the frame,   3 、 Use a jack to slightly jack up the forklift, so that the tire is still in contact with the ground; first unscrew the bolt that fixes the inflation tube, remove the clamp, and then loosen the hub nut.  4. Fully support the car with a jack, unscrew the wheel nut, and remove the tire.   5. The installation sequence is opposite to the removal sequence. When installing the hub nut, the tightening torque must reach the specified value.
What are the reasons for the vibration of the mast of the electric pallet truck and the automatic tilting of the mast?
Causes of jitter: (1) The gap between the support pin of the mast and the copper sleeve is too large (2) The gap between the sliding steel plates of the inner and outer mast is too large (3) The tightness of the two lifting chains is not the same (4) Roller wear Excessive (5) Deformation of the mast (6) Damage to the lifting cylinder, etc. Reasons for automatic forward and backward tilting: (1) Damage to the seal of the tilt cylinder (2) Internal leakage of the multi-way valve
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