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Protective measures for the core components of electric forklifts in rainy days

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-03-28

The battery, motor, braking system, frame, body and other components of the core components of electric forklift motors are more afraid of water. If you do not pay attention to maintenance for a long time, it will not only be troublesome to replace, but also waste money. If there is a problem, the rainy day protection measures will consume more cost. Paying attention to the relevant details from daily maintenance will save unnecessary trouble.

1. Unless there is a special need, in rainy weather, for the sake of safety, please try not to drive an electric forklift to prevent the controller, motor and other components from entering water problems.

2. Because of rainy weather, the road conditions and eyesight are poor, so for safety reasons, when driving a sightseeing car, try to drive at a slower speed, control the speed, and avoid sudden braking to prevent accidents. .

3. The electric pallet truck motor should avoid driving on the road with deep water, because the road with deeper water not only increases the driving difficulty, but also because the electric forklift motor is running, the tire rotation tends to With water, under normal circumstances, the controller is near the tire and is not completely sealed. motor

In addition, after the electric forklift is driving in rainy weather, it is necessary to clean and quickly dry the wetted parts to avoid corrosion of the iron parts of the electric forklift motor, electrical leakage, short circuit and other faults. In addition, often Rainwater will enter the motor, which will cause a short circuit of the motor line and cause the sightseeing car to not run normally.

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