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Rubber crawler self-propelled aerial work platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-26
The rubber crawler self-propelled aerial work platform is hydraulically driven and uses a hydraulic telescopic arm to raise the work platform to a certain height. The staff can perform various tasks on the platform stacker. Mainly composed of: chassis, boom, working bucket, hydraulic system with automatic pressure relief function. Applicable to: curtain wall cleaning of creative venues, lamp replacement and maintenance, etc., electric power test, substation maintenance, and tower maintenance in the power industry. It is also suitable for military, aerospace, and petroleum industries. Main performance: 1. Exquisite shape, the rubber track has low pressure on the ground, can travel and work on any ground (such as delicate marble ground); 2. It can turn around in place, and the turning radius is only 5 meters; 3. The height and width of the track can be Adjustable, can drive on a variety of roads; 4. The hydraulic outriggers can be controlled separately; the outriggers are automatically balanced; 5. There is a 220V power socket in the working bucket; 6. The advanced torque control and safety alarm system ensure that the machine is absolutely stable and safe Work in the state; 7. Can bypass obstacles, work in a small space, and can work on a slope of 20%; 8. The working bucket can rotate 180°, and can work around obstacles (walls, railings, etc.); 9 .The storage size is small, compact and flexible, and the storage height is less than 2 meters; 10. Use a strong sound insulation engine (77dB); 11. Special high-strength materials, even slightly better than German counterparts; 12. Concentric expansion Technology, to ensure that the telescopic arm can stretch freely and reduce eccentric shaking; 13. The working bucket can rotate 180° and can work around obstacles (walls, railings, etc.); 14. The storage size is small, compact and flexible.
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