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Talking about the development history of small high-altitude lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-25
The history of the development of high-altitude lifting platforms is the same as that of human civilization. It has also been a long and appropriate process. Today's lifting platform products are diverse, and different professions have different needs for lifting platforms. The following editor will join us Talk about the history of the development of small high-altitude lifting platforms: The demand for straight transportation is the same as that of human civilization. The earliest lifting platforms used manpower, animal power and hydraulic power to increase weight. Lifting equipment has always relied on these fundamental power modes until the industrial revolution. In ancient Greece, Archimedes developed an improved lifting equipment operated by ropes and pulleys, which used winches and levers to wind the lifting ropes on the bobbins. In 80 AD, gladiators and wild animals reached the height of the arena in the Roman Coliseum on the original lifting platform. The medieval record contains countless pictures of people pulling up lifting equipment and supplying isolated addresses. The most famous among them is the lifting platform of St. Baram Monastery in Greece. The monastery is located on the top of a mountain about 61 meters high on the ground. It is equipped with a basket or a net of goods to transport people and goods up and down. In 1203, the high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform equipment of a monastery located on the coast of France used a huge treadmill and was powered by a donkey. By winding a rope around a huge pillar, the load was raised. In the 18th century, mechanical force began to be used for the development of lifting platforms. In 1743, French Louis XV authorized the use of counterbalanced personnel lifting platforms in the private palace of Versailles. In 1833, a system of using reciprocating rods raised and lowered miners in the Harz Mountains region of Germany. In 1835, a belt-drawn lifting platform equipment called a 'winch machine' was in a factory in the UK. In 1846, the first industrial hydraulic high-altitude lifting platform appeared. Then other powered lifting equipment soon followed. In 1854, American mechanic Otis invented a ratchet mechanism and demonstrated a safe lifting platform at the New York Trade Fair. In 1889, when the Eiffel Tower was built, a steam-powered lithium pallet truck platform was installed, and then an elevator was used. In 1892, the lifting equipment of Mount Astilero in Chile was completed. Until now, 15 lifting platforms still use machinery and equipment from more than 110 years ago. The'Gotthard Pass' under construction in the Canton of Graubunden in Switzerland is an underground railway tunnel from ski resorts in the Alps to other European countries. It is 57 kilometers long and is estimated to be opened to traffic in 2016. At the'Alps' high-speed train station about 800 meters above the ground, a lithium pallet truck platform that will reach the ground directly will be built. After completion, it will be the longest lift platform in the world. After arriving on the ground through the lifting platform, passengers can take the Alpine Glacier Tour Express Train and arrive at the resort on the mountain in two hours.
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