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Talking about the development of specialization and systematization of stacker trucks

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-18

The development of the industry has prompted the continuous transformation of the skills of industrial vehicles. As one of the main industrial vehicles, stackers have also had a decade of development in China. At present, competition in the international market is becoming increasingly intense, and China has started late due to logistics Therefore, there is still a lot of room for development in the early stage, and more facilities will be needed. This indicates that China’s stacker trucks will have a large market. However, as far as the current international electric lithium pallet truck market is concerned, such a situation is cultivated. The time is also the time.

The development of electric stackers is gradually facing two trends: specialization and systematization. Systematization is the most tense trend in the development of stackers. The company has completed the brand systemization. From large to small, from style to model, from function to disadvantage, it has begun to gradually form a system. The development skills of foreign stacker trucks are significantly higher than those of international ones, which can be seen from the cycle of product upgrades. Go in. In such a situation, if China wants to be sharp, it must complete the systemization of the stacker.

Specialization is the main element that makes the product a tributary. In recent years, China's industry has developed rapidly , The construction of major factories, active warehousing cores, and logistics distribution cores has made the need for electric stackers more and more huge. The huge competition has caused various brands to rush to increase the cost of purchase and consumption, and promote the large-scale sales of products. If you want to show off in a large number of brands and occupy a dominant position, you must use professional skills to defeat. In addition, intelligence and energy saving are also one of the major trends in the development of stackers.

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