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The battery electric forklift is changed to a stepless lifting speed regulating system

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-03-31
Recently, according to market feedback, the DC series-excited speed regulation system of battery forklifts often has the phenomenon of burning out of the lifting contactor contacts and frequent replacement of the lifting contactor during the use of battery forklifts, which brings a lot to the use of users. trouble.  The reasons for the analysis are as follows: the mast is the working device of the electric pallet truck, which is controlled by the lifting motor, and the lifting motor is controlled by the lifting contactor in the chopper. In the forklift stacking process, the lifting, forward tilting, backward tilting, and side movement of the goods are all controlled by the lifting motor. These operation processes are short in time, high in frequency, and large in power consumption. The lifting motor is the most power-consuming motor in the battery forklift. The lifting motor of the 1-1.5 t three-point battery forklift produced by our factory has a rated operating current of 172.8 A and an instantaneous maximum operating current of more than 250 A. At the moment when the contact is connected and disconnected, a large current of more than 250 A will produce a strong arc, and the instantaneous heat generation will be quite large, which will naturally ablate the contact. If it is repeated many times, the contact will be burnt, resulting in The working device of the forklift cannot work.  The above-mentioned problems can be essentially solved by adopting the current hoisting speed control technology popular at home and abroad. Lifting speed control technology mainly includes stepless lifting speed control system and stepped lifting speed control system. Among them, the stepless lifting and speed regulation system can more significantly save energy and extend the use time of the forklift after each charge. The currently widely used and mature technology is the HP350 stepless lifting speed regulation system produced by ZAPI. Its composition and working principle are shown in the attached drawings. The system is mainly composed of a lifting speed controller, a lifting motor, a lifting switch, a lifting accelerator and a lifting contactor. Stepless lifting speed control system 1. Lifting accelerator 2. Lifting switch 3. Lifting speed control controller 4. Lifting motor 5. Battery pack 6. Contactor coil 7. Current sensor 8. Contactor contact 9 . Fuse 10. The working principle of the ignition switch: After the ignition switch is turned on, the contactor TG2 coil is energized, the normally open contact of TG2 is closed, and the lifting speed controller is electrified, and the power MOS tube in the lifting speed controller In the off state, the hoisting motor does not work. When the lifting handle is operated, the lifting switch is closed and the control information channel of the power MOS tube is connected. At this time, the power MOS tube is in the on state, and the current passes through the fuse FU2, the contact of the contactor TG2, and the lifting speed The current sensor SH in the controller, the lifting motor M2, and the power MOS tube, finally form a loop to the negative electrode of the battery pack, and the lifting motor M2 starts to work; and if the lifting handle is moved with a large amplitude, the lifting accelerator is The stronger the control signal transmitted from the Hall element sensor to the lifting chopper, the stronger the conduction capacity of the power MOS tube in the chopper, the higher the speed of the lifting motor M2, the higher the flow rate of the lifting pump, and the greater the mast. Work speed increased.   In addition, the stepless lifting speed control system can also meet some requirements of users for tilting and side shifting. If the user needs the working device to tilt and move at a specific speed, simply install a switch under the corresponding valve stem and set the parameters to realize the speed control of the tilt and side shift without any additional parts. In summary, the stepless lifting speed control system has the following advantages compared with contactor control: (1) The lifting speed control system replaces the contactor control, which realizes contactless speed control and no component ablation. The forklift has a long service life, simple maintenance, and greatly improves the reliability of the whole machine. (2) Save energy and extend the usage time of the forklift after each charge. (3) The speed adjustment parameters can be set according to user requirements to realize personalized operation. (4) According to user requirements, it is possible to realize shared pump and split flow, eliminating the steering pump and steering motor, which saves cost and space. (5) Application of digital control, high control precision and stable operation. (6) The control circuit of the MOS tube is simple, high reliability, and good switching characteristics; the tube voltage drop is small, the internal consumption is small, and energy is saved; the control frequency is high, the control characteristics are good, and there is no noise.
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