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The battery of an electric forklift is very hot. What is the problem if it can't be charged?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-20
For electric forklifts, the most bad thing is the forklift battery. Batteries are the source power of electric forklifts, and it is very important to protect the source power. But what should I do when the source power (electric forklift battery) becomes hot unexpectedly during use? Aiming at the problems of electric forklift batteries that cannot be charged and are always hot, the electric forklift manufacturer tells you that the reason is... always charging the electric forklift irregularly! Overcharge or undercharge is wrong! Correct electric charging posture: 1. When the electric forklift is charging, there should be a fixed charging place. The requirements: excellent ventilation, low humidity, and no suspicious combustible objects. 2. The fixed charging site of the electric forklift should be easy to drain and be acid resistant. Because when the vehicle is charging, it is very likely that electrolyte will drip onto the ground. 3. When the battery of an electric pallet truck is being charged, it will produce hydrogen. Note: Don't smoke around the battery or let any fire source approach when it is charging, otherwise, the explosion will not be far away from you. 4. During the whole process of charging the electric forklift, be careful not to forcibly unplug the battery. If there is an electrical spark, it will be very dangerous. 5. If there is electrolyte dripping from the battery after the charging is completed, the electrolyte needs to be rinsed with clean water, and the electrolyte remaining on the battery of the electric pallet truck also needs to be cleaned. 6. The electrolyte in the battery of an electric forklift is corrosive and toxic, so no matter what the operation is, you must be careful to avoid any part of your body from contacting the electrolyte. Achieve the above 6 points, the electric pallet truck battery can be healthy and healthy!
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