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The development history of the lifting platform (electric stacker)--that is, the development of the electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-11-19
The lifting platform appears with people's transportation needs. It is easy to operate, convenient and fast, and saves labor and effort. The lithium pallet truck platform is used in logistics center cargo transportation, construction decoration and other aspects. You may not know that the lifting platform has existed a long time ago, and it is as old as human civilization. In ancient Greece, Archimedes developed an improved lifting device operated by ropes and pulleys. He used winches and levers to wind the hoisting ropes on the bobbins. In 80 AD, gladiators and wild animals took the primitive lifting platform to reach the height of the arena in the Roman Coliseum. Medieval records include countless people who lifted and lifted devices and patterns that provided supplies to isolated locations. Quite clever is the lifting platform of the St. Baram Monastery in Greece. This monastery is located on the top of a mountain about 61 meters above the ground. The hoist uses cargo nets or baskets to transport people and goods up and down. In 1203, the lifting platform of a monastery on the coast of France was installed using a huge treadmill. The donkey provided the lifting power. By winding a rope around a huge pillar, the load was lifted. In the 18th century, the world entered the first industrial revolution. As a more convenient and clever power, mechanical force began to be widely used in lifting platforms. During this period, the lithium pallet truck platform developed rapidly, which played an important role in paving the way for the development of the lifting platform in the future. In 1743, French Louis XV authorized the installation of personnel lifting platforms using counterweights in the private palace of Versailles. In 1833, a system using reciprocating rods raised and lowered miners in the Harz Mountains region of Germany. In 1835, a belt-driven lifting platform called a 'winch machine' was installed in a British factory. In 1846, the first industrial hydraulic lifting platform appeared. Then other powered lifting devices appeared soon after. In 1854, American mechanic Otis invented a ratchet mechanism and demonstrated the safe lithium pallet truck platform at the New York Trade Fair. In 1889, when the Eiffel Tower was built, a steam-powered lifting platform was installed, and then an elevator was used. In 1892, the lifting equipment for Mount Astilero in Chile was completed. Until now, 15 lifting platforms still use machinery and equipment from more than 110 years ago. The main products of Anhui Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are forklifts, electric forklifts, stackers, electric stackers, pallets, electric pallets, aerial work platforms, hydraulic docking bridges, shelves, pallets, tractors, traction batteries, etc. Logistics warehousing equipment. Hope to provide you with quality service.
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