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The difference between high fork and low fork of electric forklift and its relationship with oil

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-06
The knowledge and understanding of electric forklifts has been continuously shared on the official website, and it is specifically developed and carried out from different aspects and angles, so that everyone can understand the series of electric forklifts in depth. At the same time, you can To increase your own professional knowledge in this area, and at the same time, it can also be helpful to the actual application of the product to avoid errors. 1. What are the main differences between high forks and low forks in electric forklifts? This question is not difficult to answer from the view of electric pallet truck manufacturers, because the difference between high forks and low forks is mainly: high forks, which means that the forklift lifts the goods higher and lower. Fork refers to lifting the goods relatively low, so they are different in the lifting height of the goods. 2. What kind of oil should be used for forklifts and what determines? For forklifts, which oil should be used, the forklift manufacturer believes that it is mainly determined by the engine. If it uses a diesel engine, then the oil should be diesel, if it is a gasoline engine, it should be gasoline. In addition, the rated power requirement of the forklift must be taken into consideration. However, in the product manual, generally, there will be clear instructions. 3. What are the propulsion methods of electric forklifts? The propulsion methods of electric forklifts, in specific terms, are fuel-fueled and electric. However, the specific choice depends on the actual situation and its actual needs. Because, if it is diesel, it has a large tonnage and sufficient power, but it is easy to pollute the environment. The electric one is relatively small in tonnage, so it can be used in a warehouse with a small space or in a clean workshop. The above questions are all about forklifts, an important product, so the electric pallet truck manufacturers have given specific explanations and answers, so that everyone can have a better understanding through learning, instead of staying back, and letting themselves lose more than the gains.
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