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The function of the travel switch in the hydraulic lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-25
The hydraulic lithium pallet truck platform is inseparable from the travel switch during operation. The travel switch is a component that helps us to ascend or descend to the specified position and will automatically stop. For the staff who use the lifting channel to carry out high-altitude operations, the travel switch is undoubtedly An indispensable important component. The limit switch consists of an operating head, a contact system and a shell. In the electrical control system, the effect of the azimuth switch is to complete sequential control, positioning control, and detection of the azimuth status, which is used to control the stroke and limit maintenance of mechanical equipment. The travel switch is also called the azimuth switch or the limit switch. Its effect is mainly that when the hydraulic mechanical equipment is running, when it reaches the position of the switch, it touches the travel switch to make the internal contacts of the switch act, and the control circuit is changed, and the mechanical equipment is changed. Operating conditions, such as the reciprocating motion of the motor driven equipment, when the reciprocating motion equipment reaches the end from the right, it will pull the limit switch. The switch will change the circuit to make the motor rotate. The equipment has the original right-hand change and the left-hand movement. When it reaches the left end, the same will also affect the left limit switch to change the direction of rotation. Therefore, the hydraulic lifting platform channel is inseparable from the travel switch, which plays a vital effect and cannot be ignored. In the practical production of the hydraulic lithium pallet truck platform, the travel switch is installed in a pre-arranged position. When the module installed on the mechanical moving part of the elevator hits the travel switch, the contact of the travel switch will act to complete the switching of the circuit. Therefore, the travel switch is an electrical appliance that switches the circuit according to the travel position of the moving parts, and its effect principle is similar to that of a button.
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