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The future development trend of electric lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-14
The freight elevator industry in my country has gradually developed into a high-tech industry integrating Ru0026D, production, sales, installation, and service from a simple protection and maintenance of electric lifting platforms. According to statistics, by the end of 2004, the total number of lifting platforms in use in mainland my country reached 651,794.   my country's electric lifting platform profession can only carry out basic protection and maintenance of the lifting platform. Slowly develop into a high-tech industry integrating production, manufacturing, sales, scientific research, installation, and service. According to incomplete statistics, the number of lifting platforms currently in use in my country has reached 7,000.  Industry insiders indicate that my country’s electric lithium pallet truck platform market is far from full, and it has become the largest international market for lifting platforms. After receiving the influence of real estate, urban public construction and other industrial development, it is estimated that in the next 5 years, my country's lifting platform will continue to increase at an annual rate of 25%. At present, my country's lithium pallet truck platform honestly attracts the attention of almost all manufacturers of lifting platform all over the world. With the rapid development of computers, the Internet has provided a platform for global corporate fighters to communicate. In 2011, the sales volume of global lifting platform malls in my country accounted for 35%, ranking first in the world. In 2011, despite the impact of the shrinkage of the real estate industry, the sales of electric lifting platforms have declined, but the overseas shopping malls of electric lifting platforms have continued to expand. Domestic brands have persisted in their weak momentum and the structural adjustment of China's lifting platform products has accelerated. Although the output of China's electric lifting platform fluctuated slightly in 2015, the electric lifting platform enterprises in China's hometown are being tested and ushered in the first severe winter in the history of China's lifting platform development. All large, medium and small lifting platform companies have to survive this Severe Winter has made the best efforts. Although this winter is cold, it is an active promotion for accelerating the professional integration of my country's electric lifting platforms, improving corporate competitiveness, and becoming more accustomed to international shopping malls.   With the continuous aging of the electric lifting platform industry and the continuous advancement of lifting platform technology, the competition in the lithium pallet truck platform market is becoming more and more fierce. All aspects of the lifting platform shopping malls show the prosperity of the lifting platform profession.
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