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The link that cannot be ignored in the use of electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-12-13

It is not true that it is not true that it is unrealistic for the workshop to move containers and other items by manpower. The use of electric stackers is convenient, quick and simple. In order to ensure the smooth use of the process, there is no dull and obstructive demand. Pay attention to the use of stackers. The details are as follows.

One is to load goods strictly in accordance with the rigid limit of the loading weight. The goods cannot be overloaded. Some companies will temporarily overload the stacker in order to extend the work cycle. The work can be achieved in a short time, but temporarily, this will inevitably greatly infringe the service life of the machine.

Second, before operating the electric stacker, it is necessary to start a complete introspection on the machine. Introspect whether the battery is short of water. Once the water level is found to be insufficient, you must add water in real time, otherwise it will affect its accurate use. It may also lead to an empty burn due to the lack of water in the battery.

The third is to use all electric When stacking the truck, it is necessary to pay attention to the shortage of power at any time. Once the power indicator is invented and the red light flashes to indicate that the power is surplus, it is necessary to start charging immediately.

Others need to be in the process of operation. Abandoning the use of dull double forks to fork goods cannot be operated with a single fork; dull will inevitably accumulate a large amount of dust and impurities on the outside of the fuselage after a period of time. Conducive to the smooth operation of the operation. Generally speaking, after a month of operation and operation, it will start to be routinely clean.

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