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The operation process and operation skills of electric forklift

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-25
Electric forklift operation process:    One, learn and obtain a lithium pallet truck operation certificate.  1. Know the components of the forklift   a, power unit: motor   b, transmission device: mechanical transmission: transmission, differential, half shaft, etc.  2. Transmission:   Hydraulic transmission: oil supply pump, torque converter, hydraulic transmission, differential, half shaft, etc.   Hydrostatic transmission: Hydrostatic transmission device.  3. Steering device: steering wheel, steering gear, steering cylinder, steering knuckle, etc.  4. Braking device: brake hub, brake shoe, brake master cylinder, brake cylinder, etc.  5. Hydraulic system: gear oil pump, multi-way valve, lifting cylinder, tilt cylinder, etc.  6. u200bu200bElectrical devices: batteries, starters, lights, horns, various relays, meters, etc.  7. Body: protective frame, frame, balance weight, etc.   8. Working devices: masts, chains, forks, special attachments (such as bucket clamps), etc.   2. Learn the safe operation rules     1. Drivers must be trained and have an operating license before driving a forklift. If you need to drive on the road outside the factory area, you must also apply for a driver's license at the public security traffic management agency;   2, during loading and unloading operations, it is strictly forbidden to adjust the parts or perform maintenance work;   3, when the mast is tilted forward, it is strictly prohibited to lift the goods; during operation , The mast must be tilted backward; the low point of the cargo should be about 300~400mm away from the ground when driving;   4. When the cargo is in the lifting state, do not stop or leave the forklift;   5. When checking the battery, do not smoke or approach an open flame, and Keep the forklift in a closed state;   6. At the rated load center, overloading is strictly prohibited, let alone overloading operations; the cargo is at a non-rated load center, and the load is determined according to the load curve. The cargo center should be in line with the car body. Partial load is allowed;   7, it is strictly forbidden to stand on the fork or walk down or stay on the fork; it is strictly forbidden to carry people;   8, under the load state, it is strictly prohibited to brake suddenly, in order to prevent damage or damage to the goods thrown under the action of inertia. Injury;   9. It is strictly forbidden to make sharp turns at high speed; when driving on wet or smooth roads, slow down when turning;   10. When operating a high-lift (higher than 3 meters) forklift, pay attention to the goods falling from above, if necessary, Take protective measures;   11. It is not allowed to manipulate vehicles and attachments from a position other than the driver’s seat;   12. It is not allowed to adjust the driver’s seat during the use of the lithium pallet truck;   3. The field operation shall be trained by professional training institutions. After being qualified, a professional organization will issue the 'Electric Operation Certificate'.  Four. Points for operating with a certificate  1. Precautions before using a forklift  a. Drivers must carefully read and abide by the “ Management System” of the country and the company.  B. The driver must understand the use knowledge and precautions of the forklift, and do a good job in maintenance.  C. Before the driver uses the new car, he should clean and inspect the new car, and check whether the various parts and the whole machine are accidentally damaged or destroyed during the storage and transportation of the forklift.  D. The correct use and maintenance of the forklift will extend the service life of the forklift, reduce the failure rate, and increase the effective working time and reliability.  2. Preparation before driving  a. Check whether the battery is full of distilled water. b. Check whether hydraulic working oil, gearbox oil, torque converter oil, gear oil, etc. are in the middle of the upper and lower scale lines of the oil level gauge; whether the brake fluid level is within the specified range;   c. Check whether the hydraulic system pipe joints Leakage;   d, check whether the idle stroke (free stroke) range of the service brake pedal is within the normal range; check whether the gap between the front floor and the pedal is greater than 20mm; check whether the service brake is flexible, reliable and uniform;   e, check Parking brake. When the parking brake device is active, the forklift should stop at a full load on a 15% ramp;   f, check the level of lubricating oil everywhere and the oil filling situation of the lubrication points;   g, check whether the steering system tie rods and joints are loose If there is any abnormal noise during the steering operation. V. Precautions for parking:   1, tighten the hand brake handle;   2, drop the fork to the ground;   3, turn off the power, and remove the key.
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