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The phenomenon of low voltage of electric forklift and battery protection

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-03
Generally, when the voltage of an electric pallet truck is too low, the main contactor will not be closed or the main contactor will bounce immediately after being closed, and make a click, click, and click sound. Sometimes, there is a single cell failure in the battery pack of the electric forklift. Or it may be caused by the corrosion of the battery terminals, causing poor contact. Electric forklifts all have under-voltage protection function to prevent the battery of electric forklifts from over-discharging. The under-voltage protection function is that when the electric forklift is deeply discharged, the protection function of the controller will send an under-voltage alarm. At this time, the forklift should be supplied with supplementary power. When it is generated, the protection function of the forklift is activated. First, the lifting motor of the forklift will be restricted. At this time, the electric forklift stops the lifting operation, but the walking motor can still work normally. The driver can drive the forklift to the charging room to replenish the power of the forklift. The over-discharge of electric forklifts has a great impact on the battery life of forklifts. Severe over-discharge can even lead to battery scrap. The under-voltage protection function of electric forklifts can effectively extend the life of the battery pack. For more information about electric forklift batteries, please refer to related Introduction of product knowledge.
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