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The production of electric pallet trucks indicates that improving the accuracy of the gantry channel steel is the key to noise reduction of the gantry

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-01-20

play a very important role in loading, stacking and unloading goods. conform to our concept of 'green environmental protectionWith the advancement of our technology, the operation of electric trucks is now easier, less pollution, and more comfortable. Originally, the noise of the gantry of the truck was relatively loud when it was operating. Now we have made improvements and adopted certain measures to reduce the noise of the gantry of the electric pallet truck. Let the electric pallet truck manufacturers introduce the specific measures to you.

(1) Increase the cam mechanism of the fork frame. A cam device is added above the side of the main roller at the lower end of the carriage column plate. When installing, adjust the effective radius of the cam to be large enough to fully contact the surface of the channel steel flange of the inner frame. When the fork frame moves up and down along the gantry, the gap between the fork frame and the inner frame is adjusted by the eccentric wheel, and the contact between the rubber on the eccentric mechanism and the wing surface is used to absorb the noise generated during the movement, which can reduce the main roller and groove of the carriage. Noise generated between steels. After a period of use, if the rubber wheel is worn or damaged, the retaining ring can be removed and replaced.

(2) Use a lifting cylinder with a buffer device. Different from the previous piston type lifting cylinder, this electric lithium pallet truck is designed as a plunger type lifting cylinder, and is provided with a throttle hole within the specified lifting and lowering range to ensure that the hydraulic cylinder is about to drop to the bottom (or When lifting to the top), the speed is slowed down, and the fork is controlled to land (or rise) slowly, which avoids the vibration and noise when the hydraulic cylinder is lifted and retracted to the back, and can ensure the durability and service life of the electric pallet truck. Vibration and noise, and properly balance the weight of the goods, so that the mast rises and falls smoothly.

(3) Improving the machining accuracy of the gantry channel is the key to noise reduction of the gantry. The motion noise of the electric pallet truck gantry comes from the inner frame and the outer frame, the inner frame and the fork frame, the fork frame and the fork and other structural parts. No matter how good the structure of other components is, if the welding accuracy of the channel steel is not good, it will be in vain to reduce the noise of the gantry. It is particularly important to solve the manufacturing and assembly accuracy of the gantry channel.

The manufacturer of electric pallet trucks said that there are generally three measures to reduce the noise of the lithium pallet truck gantry. It is possible to appropriately increase the cam mechanism of the lithium pallet truck, use a lifting cylinder with a buffer device and increase the gantry slot. The machining accuracy of steel. The third point can be said to be the key to reducing the noise of the gantry. If the precision of the gantry channel steel is good, it can play a key role in reducing the noise. On the contrary, if the accuracy is not up to standard, then no matter how hard it is to reduce the noise. The effect may not be very noticeable either.

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