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6 aspects that need special attention in forklift maintenance

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-26
Six aspects of forklift maintenance and maintenance require special attention:    First, how often do the forklifts be maintained? This is very important. Generally, such as manual pallet trucks and manual stackers, because of their few parts, they are compatible with electric forklifts, internal combustion forklifts, and dual-fuel forklifts. Compared with forklifts and reach forklifts, the maintenance cycle can be appropriately designed to be longer, such as once every six months. Electric forklifts, internal combustion forklifts, dual-fuel forklifts, reach forklifts, etc., due to their large number of parts, operate in a standardized manner. Under the circumstances, good maintenance is necessary, and the maintenance time can be designed to be shorter, such as once every 3 months! Regular maintenance is a powerful guarantee for the safe and efficient work of the forklift!    Second, who should do the maintenance of the forklift? It is important to find a forklift repair and maintenance service provider with better technology, and it must be relatively stable, and be able to maintain and repair the forklift throughout the life of the forklift. If it cannot be maintained to the mid-term, the forklift repair and maintenance service provider will not do it, or for other reasons We cannot continue to provide forklift services to us. This situation is very bad, so it is necessary to find a professional and stable forklift maintenance service provider; and the forklift maintenance service provider you are looking for can provide maintenance according to your forklift usage. Plan, some small forklift failures, he must be able to help you deal with. For the recurring minor faults, there must be countermeasures to eradicate, rather than perfunctory, so it is necessary to find a forklift maintenance service provider with a long history of repairing and maintaining forklifts. Third, the forklift maintenance service provider can make a comprehensive and reasonable preventive maintenance plan for our forklifts, such as how often the side-to-side inspection, the program debugging test list, etc., these data can be used for our forklift maintenance A reference. Secondly, the technicians should provide us with a list of items every time they inspect, so that we can better understand the working status of the existing forklifts. Fourth, in the preventive maintenance plan, do not forget the cleaning of the forklift. There are many reasons for the failure of the forklift. However, the long-term failure to remove debris, broken steps, dust, etc. will also cause some minor failures. So do This is to be placed in the preventive maintenance plan. Good cleaning is essential to the maintenance of the forklift. Fifth, for the lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, etc. of the forklift, the oil quantity should be checked regularly to prevent the forklift from poor working condition and serious wear and tear, and replenish the oil in time. Pay attention to the electric pallet truck, electric stacker, and electric pallet truck. Check the battery water capacity and replenish the battery water in time.   Sixth, pay attention to the reserve of wearing parts. For some wearing parts, such as seals, a small amount of work should be reserved. In an emergency, you can determine the fault by yourself. If you want to replace the wearing parts, you can handle it yourself. Seventh, a perfect preventive maintenance plan for the service provider must have a reasonable charge. Consider which one is more cost-effective, which can effectively reduce the cost of using your forklift.
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