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Design principle of core-pulling workbench of aerial work platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-12
In order to achieve the substantial improvement in the power of heat exchanger maintenance and increase the degree of automation and civilized production of maintenance operations, we have planned a heat exchanger core-pulling aerial platform stacker. It completes the plan of driving-type heat exchanger core-pulling machine, and organically integrates the core-pulling equipment with the car chassis. It can not only actively lift the core-pulling, but also walk between equipment or refineries, improving the equipment’s performance. Motorized function. The work vehicle planning is divided into two parts: the main metal structure planning Ll and the core-pulling workbench planning. Here we first introduce the core-pulling workbench planning. 1 Current core-pulling machines are mainly inadequate. At present, each refinery or chemical plant generally uses semi-mechanized equipment. Such as structural spiral force-increasing core-pulling machine, structural hoisting core-pulling machine, etc. When pulling the core, the crane lifts the core pulling machine into the air and aligns it circumferentially with the control of the heat exchanger. One end of the core pulling machine is rigidly fixed to the tower heat exchanger shell, and a steel wire rope is used to cover the tube plate of the control. The other end is sleeved on the moving nut. After the motor is turned on, the lead screw moves circumferentially or hoists the tissue, and the tension is generated to pull the tube out of the shell. After the tube is drawn out, the core pulling machine and the tube are placed on the ground by a crane. Although the above-mentioned core-pulling organization has improved the automation degree of maintenance to a certain extent, there are still many defects. First of all, the core-pulling machine cannot operate independently. It is necessary to rely on the cooperation of a large crane to complete the core-pulling operation; second, the core-pulling machine is 9m long, which is not convenient for transportation or operation; third, the core-pulling machine is in the air with the control The swing is large, the worker’s work is not easy, and the safety is poor; fourth, two shutdowns are required during the core-pulling process, the position of the wire rope is manually moved, the core-pulling time is long, the proportion of man-hours occupied is large, and the degree of automation is still too low . 2 Operating principle of the new core-pulling workbench 2.1 Structure and operating principle The two-dot chain line is the non-operating condition, and the solid line is the operating condition. The core-pulling workbench is under the core-pulling structure and moves up and down along the tower section together with the structure, avoiding the disadvantages of using cranes to cooperate. The length direction of the core-pulling worktable is the direction of the straight paper in Figure 1. In this direction, the worktable is divided into three parts, the center part is not moving, and the two parts are folded by hydraulic cylinders, avoiding the long core-pulling machine defect . First pull the core-pulling workbench along the slide of the main tower section to the proper position with the heat exchanger of the tower, use the horizontally moving screw to fine-tune the center of the workbench, lower the folding parts at both ends, and use the two longitudinal hydraulic pressures at the front of the workbench. The cylinder adjusts the displacement of the worktable in parallel with the pipe, and the meniscus mounted on the piston rod is fixedly connected with the flanges of the heat exchanger shell of different diameters. After these are completed, the core-pulling operation can be carried out. When pulling the core, the hydraulic motor drives the hoisting and dragging workbench to quickly approach the heat exchanger. Because the initial pulling force of the core pulling is relatively large, the main hydraulic cylinder draws out the control in the initial stage. When the control is pulled out about 1m, it switches to the coil. Yang pulls out quickly, puts on two cables in sequence after drawing out the appropriate interval to restrain the control, and continues to pull out until the control is out of the shell, and the workbench puts the control on the ground to complete the core pulling operation. The action of returning to control is the opposite of the above. During the core-pulling operation, the tower section and the core-pulling structure do not move, labor-saving operation for workers and good safety. 2.2 Technical function The core-pulling workbench is a combination of hydraulic and mechanical methods. The maximum core-pulling specification is 1200mm×6000mm; the maximum lifting weight is 10000kg; the maximum core-pulling height is 18m; the core-pulling workbench has an open length of 8m; the core-pulling workbench is 8m. The maximum width is 2m, and the maximum width of the car body is 2.5nl. It takes advantage of the large force of the hydraulic cylinder and the fast speed of mechanical equipment, which can meet the requirements of maximum pulling force and fast speed when drawing or returning to the control. 3 Core-pulling workbench structure planning The planning includes the longitudinal beam planning of the core-pulling workbench, hydraulic transmission and transmission organization planning, fine-tuning organization and other parts planning.
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