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Detailed explanation of the power unit of the manual pallet truck

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-11
The manual pallet truck is the logistics handling equipment that needs to manually move the goods. Small size hydraulic device, simple operation, convenient use, handle design conforms to ergonomic principles, and has three major functions: lifting, carrying, and lowering. When in use, the load fork is inserted into the pallet hole, and the hydraulic system is driven by the ability to realize the lifting and lowering of the pallet cargo, and the handling operation is completed by human pulling. ØThe oil pump is integrally sealed, the key components are imported from Germany, with overload protection ØEliminate oil leakage defects, the large and small piston rods are chrome-plated, the structure is firm, there is overload protection, and the descending speed control , Easy to repair, so that the car is more suitable for market demand. ØThe moving parts are equipped with alloy bushings, which can absorb partial load, wear resistance, extend service life and easy to replace. ØThe nylon entry roller and exit roller reduce the force of the operator, and have wheels and forks that protect the load; ØSealed oil pump with manual slow-down control valve ØHigh-performance steel profile and '' type structure cargo Fork; ØAdjusting handles in three positions of ascending, descending and moving; ØLubricating oil is added to each movable part. ØThe fork of the 'C' structure can support heavy loads and is very strong.
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