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For forklift maintenance, understanding these four aspects is much simpler! Make yourself an old driver

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-04
1. The detection circuit system required in the circuit system is a basic guarantee for the operation function of the forklift. If there is a problem in this aspect, it is likely to directly affect the function of the forklift. In this regard, when performing forklift maintenance operations, we need to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the circuit system. In addition to ensuring the sensitivity of our own circuit operations, we must do a good job of checking the wear or damage of the circuit, and replace some affected parts in time. Circuit components that are severely damaged or have abnormal functions, and some fuses that have been used for a long time should also be replaced. In addition, in order to reduce possible problems in the operation of the circuit system, we must also clean the circuit to prevent dust Or moisture affects the normal operation of the forklift circuit. 2. In terms of transmission system requirements, the transmission system of the lithium pallet truck is the primary power source of the forklift. Therefore, if we want to ensure the smooth operation of the forklift, we must ensure the normal operation of the transmission system. When testing this aspect of functionality, we need to pay more attention to the fact that in terms of peripherals, we should first do a good job of testing the tires to ensure the stability of the tires, and repair some worn parts in time to prevent the tires from slipping during the operation. phenomenon. When protecting the internal transmission system, we also need to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the brake system and adjust the sensitivity to ensure the safety of the operation. In addition, in the conditioning of the transmission bearing, we should fully ensure its flexibility in order to complete higher-power forklift operations. Third, there is a little need to pay special attention to the inspection of chain components, because the forklift after-sales maintenance chain takes a long time in the operation, and because the wear condition will be more severe, the inspection operation in this area should also be used as Point. Generally speaking, if we want to do a good job in the maintenance of forklift chains, we need to determine the activity status of the driving and lifting chains, correct the cracks in the chain in time, and also need to completely replace some of the more severely damaged chains. In many cases, if you want to ensure the operating power, the role of these chains is indispensable. Fourth, the hydraulic system needs to do a good job of testing. Regarding the hydraulic system of the forklift, we should also make timely adjustments based on the condition of the lithium pallet truck in terms of the situation in the usual operation. In this regard, we should do a good job of adjustment and replacement of hydraulic oil based on demand to prevent possible oil leakage or abnormal consumption. Although these aspects seem to have little effect, considering the comprehensive guarantee, we still need to do a detailed inspection to prevent us from causing some unnecessary operational problems due to the unstable function of the hydraulic system. Of course, in addition to the above four aspects, there are still some other problems when inspecting forklifts. However, regarding the handling of these problems, we should use our own actual operations as a reference, and we need time to pay attention to forklifts. In order to find out the problem as soon as possible, and do a good job in troubleshooting and solving the problem.
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