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Forklifts use rear-wheel steering, why most cars use front-wheel steering

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-23

We always see many cars and forklifts around us. There is an obvious difference between front-wheel steering and rear-wheel steering. Why do most cars use front-wheel steering while forklifts use rear-wheel steering? Many people are very curious about this problem. Today, Staxx lithium ion pallet jack manufacturers will explain to you: 

Forklifts use rear-wheel steering, which naturally has special needs, otherwise it is more convenient to use front-wheel steering like other motor vehicles. However, it has been many years since the invention of the forklift. As an industrial equipment, the rear-wheel steering method is specially selected, and what kind of design requirements are there. Small turning radius You might think that a forklift is as easy to drive as your own car, but it is not. 

In driving a forklift, its technical requirements are far more than a domestic motor vehicle, which requires the driver's professional knowledge and careful thinking. Even though you have a driver's license, if you want to use a forklift, you have to take another special equipment operator's license (also known as our forklift license). The forklift is very different from the motor vehicle in the operation process. The most obvious feature is that the forklift is turned by the rear wheels when turning. We all know that there are a lot of goods and small space in the workshop warehouse where the forklift works. The most important thing is to be able to intersperse freely in this environment. The advantage of rear-wheel steering is that the steering angle is large and the floor area required for steering is small. If the upper rear wheel is too small, the turning radius will be smaller, so that the turning becomes very flexible, and only the rear wheel steering can do this. The flexible rear wheels give the forklift excellent steering. 

Think about it if you have front steering wheels like a car, in an environment like a factory warehouse, what would it be like to turn around in the middle of the two shelves? Be regarded as the front two forks, the rear steering wheel basically allows the forklift to make the front wheel as the middle point, and the compass moves on the spot. With this flexibility, front steering is basically impossible, such a small turning radius. The flexibility of coming will be very important, just like we were parking on the side and inverted. Overall stability As a typical model of motorized industrial vehicles, forklifts have compact structure and good manoeuvrability. They are widely used in port warehouses, warehouses, and so on. 

In life, the same principle can explain why the weight frame of the bicycle is not placed at the front of the car, but at the rear of the car. Installation space We just mentioned that the front part of the forklift is equipped with forks, lifting mechanisms, etc., which is the loading area of u200bu200bthe forklift. Because the forklift is a functional special equipment, there are more things to install, so there is not enough space in front of the forklift for the steering mechanism. When the forklift is designed, it is also necessary to consider placing more counterweights at the back to save counterweights. It takes up space and saves costs at the same time. Because the forklift's working device is arranged at the front end of the forklift, the front wheel load is relatively large when the forklift is fully loaded (bearing more than 90% of the weight of the cargo and the body weight). In order to reduce the steering resistance torque, the driver can steer Lightweight, so usually the rear axle of the forklift is used as the steering axle, and the performance of the steering system is directly related to the safety of the forklift, the work efficiency and the driver's labor intensity. 

The characteristics of forklift design steering axle are compact structure, few moving parts and easy maintenance. In principle, the wheels with small wheel pressure are used as steering wheels to make steering easier; the wheels with large wheel pressure are used as driving wheels to make the driving force large. Automobiles, tractors, etc. have a small front axle load and a large rear axle load, so they are all front-wheel steering; forklifts, single-bucket loaders and other front axle load are large and the rear axle load is small, so rear-wheel steering. Some of the new private models also have rear-wheel assisted steering, but this structure becomes more complicated. It is currently regarded as a technical selling point in the automotive industry and is not common for the time being. For large-tonnage forklifts, the front wheels are loaded, and the rear wheels are steered. In summary, the choice of these two different steering methods for cars and forklifts is based on their respective working environment and safety considerations. Without affecting the use, they must be Choose a more advantageous way.

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