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High-altitude lifting platform accessories-small things have a big effect!

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-26
The high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform has a simple structure and is easy to operate. But there are also many technical content in it, and maintenance cannot be ignored. Although the configuration of the small lithium pallet truck platform is not as high as the elevator, its advantages such as durability, low cost, and so on are also recognized and widely used in modern society. Although some parts of the aerial work platform are small, they all play a big role! Therefore, you must pay attention to these small things in the usual maintenance. There is a non-negligible part of the support rod-oil-free and maintenance-free composite bushings. The hydraulic lithium pallet truck platform has a large load capacity and a slower running speed. The SF-2 type maintenance-free composite bushing is suitable for working in this part. The three-layer composite material has a wear-resistant material with oil pockets on the inside. The oil pockets can help store oil. Once grease is applied, there is no need to refuel for a long time. Moreover, the service life can be increased during process refueling. Without this kind of bushing, the support rod and the support rod are in direct contact and friction, increasing the degree of wear, reducing the fit and loosening, and the frame will be affected to a certain extent, and the bearing capacity will also change. So the role of small things like shaft sleeves should not be underestimated. After normal use of the high-altitude lifting platform, like other equipment, it needs to pay attention to maintenance. Why are these bushings maintenance-free? Does it mean that there is no need for management? Need regular inspection and maintenance. After the bushing is refueled once, the grease will not lose quickly, and many parts are stored in the oil pocket. The time used in this way is lengthened accordingly. It also saves time and energy for customers.
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