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How to choose a semi-electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-27
The structure and operation of the semi-electric stacker is very simple, and its function is equivalent to adding an electric power improvement part to the manual hydraulic stacker. In addition to the practicality and hydraulic stacking car, the same structure and operating principle are also adopted. It will be useful in some places with frequent operations, saving more manpower than manual labor, and saving a lot of time together. Future maintenance is very simple. Just open the back cover and check whether the distilled water of the battery is at a certain level (that is, at least stick to the storage of the battery in the battery). that's right. Since charging and discharging will directly affect the number of battery lifespans, each semi-electric stacker has a program ammeter to indicate power consumption. According to the green, yellow and red prompts of the ammeter, the charge and discharge can be maintained for 4-5 hours when running at full load. When the pointer of the ammeter points to the direction of the yellow symbol, the charging will be charged. (Note: Do not wait for the pointer to point to the red symbol to charge, which will easily damage the battery.) Stacker truck load curve: Any stacker equipment has a load curve requirement, please strictly follow the instructions. The load curve means that the object is subjected to different component pressures after being separated from the ground. Many users think that they bought 1 ton and 3 meters high goods, which means that one ton of goods has been increased to 3 meters high. This is a misunderstanding. The general load curve has a fundamental specification.
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