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How to choose hydraulic cylinders for electric lifting platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-16
To choose hydraulic cylinders for electric lifting platforms, you must first understand the types and effects of hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic cylinder is an important part of the hydraulic system of the elevator. It is generally composed of a cylinder head, a piston and a piston press, a sealing rod, a sealing device, a buffer device, and an exhaust device. In addition to the buffer device and the exhaust device, other parts are indispensable. It can be divided into piston type, plunger type, telescopic type, swing type and so on. 1. Piston-type piston hydraulic cylinders generally have two oil ports, both of which can enter and return oil to complete two-way movement. Piston-type cylinders are also called two-way hydraulic cylinders. The piston rod can have one or Two. Because the piston hydraulic cylinder can complete two-way movement, it is mainly used on fixed or mobile elevators that require telescopic tabletops or automatic slabs. 2. The plunger type plunger type hydraulic cylinder is a one-way cylinder. Its structure is very simple and easy to process. The price is much lower than that of the piston type hydraulic cylinder. It is suitable for long-stroke hydraulic cylinders. The plunger type hydraulic cylinder is mobile. The most widely used hydraulic cylinders for lifts and stationary lifts. 3. Telescopic hydraulic cylinder Telescopic hydraulic cylinder has two or multi-stage hydraulic cylinders. The extension sequence of the telescopic hydraulic cylinder piston is from large to small, and the reverse when retracted. The telescopic hydraulic cylinder can complete a longer stroke, shorter when retracted, and has a compact structure. Telescopic hydraulic cylinders are now widely used in mobile hydraulic elevators and fixed hydraulic elevators. The mobile hydraulic elevator can reach 35 meters in height and has good stability. The descending speed of the telescopic hydraulic cylinder mainly depends on the weight of the hydraulic cylinder and the goods, and the controllability is poor. 4. Swing hydraulic cylinder The swing hydraulic cylinder is the fulfilling element that outputs torque and completes reciprocating motion. Nowadays, swing hydraulic cylinders are not used much in the lift industry. After selecting the type of hydraulic cylinder, we must also consider the cylinder diameter of the hydraulic cylinder. The output force of the hydraulic cylinder is proportional to the effective area of u200bu200bthe piston and the pressure difference between the two sides. When selecting the cylinder diameter of the hydraulic cylinder, the electric lithium pallet truck platform must also be considered. The load capacity, the greater the load capacity, the larger the cylinder diameter required. When working with the diameter of a hydraulic cylinder, the operating speed should also be considered. The larger the diameter, the slower the lifting speed. Therefore, the load capacity and lifting speed must be considered in general, and the cylinder diameter should be reduced as much as possible on the premise of satisfactory load capacity.
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