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How to distinguish the quality of second-hand electric forklifts?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-01
Second-hand electric forklifts are called road machinery and industrial transportation machinery. In the current market, there are many brands and types of second-hand forklifts. So what are the criteria for the good and unfavorable functions of second-hand electric forklifts? How to distinguish the functions of second-hand forklifts Is it good or bad?    First, the safety planning of second-hand forklifts should be able to ensure the safety of the driver, the goods and the second-hand forklift itself. High-quality second-hand forklifts often consider every aspect of safety planning. Each detail, the occurrence of every possibility.    The second point, the high power and high power of second-hand forklifts does not mean fast trekking, fast improvement and fast reduction, but mainly refers to the time required for the operator to complete a work cycle It is short, and can always maintain such a power at all working hours. The following are many factors for high power of second-hand forklifts:   ① The unevenness of speed, such as trekking speed, increase and decrease speed, etc.;   ② The use of ergonomic planning, Reduce the number of operations;   ③ the accuracy of the operation and outstanding horizon;   ④ the application of ergonomic planning, the greatest reduction in fatigue;
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