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Precautions before operating the forklift for the first time

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-15

Regarding new cars or newbies, what should you pay attention to before operating an electric pallet truck for the first time?

Here are a few things you need to be aware of:

1. The administrator in charge of the control is forced to know the driver’s health condition. The administrator shall not allow forklift drivers who are sleepy, in poor physical condition, or drunk (drunk driving is dangerous) to control the forklift.

2. The administrator should plan for the control plan, provide employment guidance, and formulate the control plan needs to consider the spatial details and geographical features of the employment situation, as well as the type, capacity and category of the forklift. When the visibility becomes low or strong winds due to fog, snow or rain, control should be stopped.

3. Forklift handling should be promoted by dedicated drivers who have received dedicated training and practice (according to national laws).

4. For forklift handling, inspection, conditioning and safety Peculiar laws. Please train the driver regularly and check whether the driver can accurately follow the law. If necessary, please take corrective actions.

5. To ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles, please separate the sidewalk and the driveway. Therefore, please pass the carved fence or the instructor to avoid pedestrians. The driver should follow the instructions of the instructor to promote the control.

6. Provide safe training for forklift drivers and employees so that they can make changes in employment at any time

7. When the administrator is determined to change the control plan, ensure that the associated employees are informed

8. When drivers of different companies are employed in a uniform situation, it is mandatory to customize clear control methods and designate an instructor to ensure the safety of employment.

9. When danger is expected, take safe actions

10. Place the vehicle on the triangular block to avoid falling

11. Make sure Carry out inspections before use, regular care and other inspections as prescribed by regulations.

For the method of regular self-inspection, you must ask the purchasing manufacturer and the instruction book

Before the end of the inspection before use, you must not operate the forklift

Do not use forklifts when the liquid level is low.

12. Keep the vehicle and the workplace tidy, tidy and clean, and ensure safe handling

scattered and unemployed utensils, components, Flammable materials, lamps, cups, or dust and smooth grease on the driver’s seat will hinder control and cause unexpected events

Ensure adequate lighting facilities in employment situations for safe control


13. Promote inspection and maintenance on designated occasions where relevant features and safety facilities are configured. The lower-level conditions required to change the occasion

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