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PU wheel product introduction

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-12-08

PU wheel product introduction

The PU wheel is an accessory on the manual truck. Although it is small, it plays a very important role in the truck. So do you know what is a PU wheel?

PU wheel is commonly known as superior glue, spring glue, polyurethane wheel, the full name is: polyurethane or isocyanate polymer. PU wheel is an elastomer between plastic and rubber, and its excellent and peculiar comprehensive performance is not available in ordinary plastic and rubber.

What are the characteristics of the pu wheel:

The elastomer of the PU wheel has good properties such as wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, high strength, high elasticity, low pressure resistance, wear resistance, strong shock absorption, tear resistance, radiation resistance, high load bearing and shock absorption. PU wheels also have a wider hardness scale, from Shore A10-100.

At present, there are already products on the market that surpass Shaw A100 and above. In addition, the PU wheel has excellent shock absorption performance, can shock the buffer pad, and is more impact resistant than metal springs, and does not damage the mold. These characteristics of PU wheels are very suitable as caster materials.

Processing method of PU wheel:

The PU wheel elastomer can be molded by plasticizing, kneading and vulcanization process like general rubber (refer to MPU); PU wheel can also be made into liquid rubber, casting molding or spraying, potting, centrifugal molding (referring to CPU); The PU wheel can also be made into pellets, which are formed by injection, extrusion, calendering, blow molding and other processes like ordinary plastics (referring to CPU). Molded or injection molded parts can also be machined such as cutting, grinding, and drilling within a certain hardness range. The diversity of processing makes the applicability of PU elastomers very common, and the scope of application has been expanding.

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